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Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

After our upcoming April 22nd Patch, the VS Mode Season’s Cycle will change in a weekly basis, Therefore, the Ranking Reward will also be sent in a weekly basis.

The following will be the changes after April 22nd Patch:

Current : Every Saturday – Sunday 00:00

Changed to : Everyday 01:00

2. Basketball will be managed in an account basis, VS Mode and Challenge Mode balls will be used separately.

Current : Used both at VS, Challenge Mode
Changed to : Separately used at VS and Challenge Mode

**Changes made at recharging Basketball in VS Mode : Recharges 2 Basketballs in you play 1 regular match

**After the Event Period ends, the Ranking Rewards will also be changed to the previous mode.

**Ranking Rewards in April will be calculated based on the Ranking Information until 4/21 and will be sent on 4/22 maintenance.

Greetings Ballers,

We would like to remind everyone that we will be opening a Sudden Event starting from 4/16

1. Premium Prism

Hello This is Freestyle 2 Developer.

After the balance patch, we have been checking the areas that were difficult to adapt to, and we’re going to put a hotfix by organizing the areas that need to be complemented.

1. Last Resistance set as F Key

2. Beyond Screen Dunk
(1) Screen Mid Shot Resistance Decrease added
(2) Dunk Block Resistance Rate 15 -> 20

**We will be consistently adjusting the parts that could give adequate balance for Pillar Strategy.

1. Back Roll Turn Master Ankle Break Relieved

(1) When defender is standing, Ankle break Check Range shortened
-> Activates Ankle Break when Defender’s Standing status is within a certain range.

(2) Ankle Break Activation Rate Lowered corresponding to the distance with the defender

**When Ankle breaks with Back Roll Turn Master Mastery’s Back Roll turn Speed and Timing Fake, majority of users have faced difficulties in defending, more than expected rate.

Therefore, we have adjusted the Ankle Break to relieve the defending difficulties, we will consistently review the Swing SG Plays in the top tiers and adjust it to create a better efficiency.

1. Technical Shot Master
(1) When used with Drift Shot, Speed Increased 3 -> 5

2. Drift Shot Speed Upgrade
(1) Drift Shot Motion Speed 7 -> 5

3. Drift Shot Release Point Upgrade
(2) Drift Shot Release Point 10 -> 7

**We have progressed an adjustment to the Drift Shot Upgrade Mastery like the SG’s Back Roll Turn Mastery since there were higher effectiveness to the offense than intended.

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1. Athletic Style Mastery Adjustment
(1) Lv7 Baseball Pass
— Block +4 -> Block -4 (Changed)
— Pass +10 (Added)

2. Drive in Jumper
(1) Shot Release Point Increase

**High Block Mastery of DG as a Ball Handler Roll style is still having a greater effectiveness than intended. Therefore, to run a Ball Handler Roll we have added Pass Att to increase the pass play style, however, decreased the block effectiveness when selecting Baseball Pass. In addition, to give more diverse selection in offense, we have increased the release point for Drive In Jumper.

1. Perfect Pass
(1) When Perfect Pass succeeds, Block Resistance ↑ Increased

**We have increased the effectiveness of Perfect Pass for PG.
The development team will continue to analyze the user’s play and improve it according to the direction as much as possible. Thank you very much

Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

Узнайте, какие инструменты ВКонтакте помогут сохранить привычный ритм жизни, когда нужно оставаться дома.Посмотреть

FreeStyle Online 2




Не ограничивайте себя во время самоизоляции!

Узнайте, какие инструменты ВКонтакте помогут сохранить привычный ритм жизни, когда нужно оставаться дома.Посмотреть

Изменения в системе классов AP

В игре есть некоторые функции, которые довольно старые и нуждаются в Показать полностью…
капитальном ремонте. Для того, чтобы обновить устаревшую механику игры, мы решили убрать классы и AP System.

Будьте уверены, что мы не просто удаляем систему классов / AP в игре,
но мы обновляем его к лучшему!

Мы хотели бы представить новую систему оценок пользователей, она будет называться
Зеленая система пользователя.

Вопросы и ответы

В: Когда запустится Зеленая система пользователя?
A: Система Green User будет доступна в нашем обновлении от 24 апреля

Q: Я пользователь класса Diamond! Что происходит с моим классом и AP, когда
Система оценок пользователя изменяется?
A: Когда время Green User System начнет функционировать, прежние AP будут
отражать в Зеленый пользовательский класс, и это будет продолжаться до 1 мая.

В: Получим ли мы компенсацию за закрытие Системы оценок пользователей?
A: Да, мы будем отдавать компенсацию в зависимости от оценок AP
пользователей после нашего патча 4/24.

Q: Будет ли у Green User System также очки?
О: Да, эти очки будут называться Зелеными пользовательскими баллами.
очки за выполнение ежедневных / ежемесячных миссий и т. д.

В: Если я наберу Зеленые пользовательские очки, они исчезнут?
О: Зеленые пользовательские очки будут инициализироваться каждый первый день месяца.

Q: Что происходит с AP Market Items?
A: Предметы AP Market доступны для покупки до 24 апреля.

В: Каковы будут преимущества системы оценки Green User?
О: Преимущества будут объявлены позже.

  • Freestyle 2

‘Freestyle 2’ is a multiplayer online basketball game and the the sequel to ‘Freestyle: Street Basketball’. Join up with hundreds of players online in a stylish basketball experience where every match is a super match!


Classic look and feel retained: Contains brilliant new features with the sophistication of the original series.

Customization and cool moves: With cool toys which will accompany you on the court, play to make the victory yours through amazing performances until the moment the ball leaves your fingertips.

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Five classes/positions: Play as a Center, Small Forward, Power Forward, Power Guard or Shooting Guard.

  • Avg. User Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Sports
  • An early audio glimpse at new voices coming soon to FreeStyle Street Basketball 2.

    Gamekiss showcases the upcoming tournament mode for FreeStyle 2 Street Basketball.

    Freestyle 2 Street Basketball kicks the game into high gear for epic free to play online balling.

    • EuroGameZ Publishing European Freestyle2 and FreestyleFootball
    • German-based MMOG publisher, EuroGameZ GmbH would like to announce that they have signed contract with JOYCITY for official European service of Freestyle2 and FreestyleFootball games. The commercial s.
    • Article Type: ARTICLE

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    Freestyle 2

    What is FreeStyle2: Street Basketball game?

    FreeStyle2: Street Basketball

    FreeStyle2: Street Basketball is a Basketball MMO developed and published by Joycity. With unique gameplay and stunning graphics, the game set up players to a street-style league, where they can team up and enjoy the excitement of experiencing teamworks and performing freestyle moves.


    FreeStyle2 have a basic gameplay like Street Basketball. The teams compete in the half-court 3 on 3 games which will be the eighth position.

    2. Power Forward — PF

    3. Small Forward — SF

    4. Shooting Guard — SG

    5. Point Guard — PG

    7. Dual Guard — DG

    8. Control Tower — CT

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    Gameplay will focus on style of play that freedom without boundaries. Players will be divided into team of 3 people or 3 VS 3 with the rules of the game are easy to understand. If a player makes a field goal from within the three-point line, the player scores two points. If the player makes a field goal from beyond the three-point line, the player scores three points. When any team scored, they would switch to the other side until the end of the game. Team that score higher than it wins. The system controller, simply use the arrow keys to move with the W A S D keys.

    Other system in game


    Toy is a system provided to players to enhance their character’s performance in a match in a random way. Players can acquire Toys, EXP items or Battery items by using Toy Coins.


    Card is a feature provided to players to enhance their character’s ability.


    The system allows players to disassemble unused items to acquire materials at a random rate. The materials can then be used to create new accessory items with unique animations or exclusive consumable items which are not available for purchase in Shop.

    SPC Collection

    A system introduced to players as an additional way to add more attributes to their character. Each character can equip up to 2 titles.

    How to download Freestyle 2?

    FreeStyle2 can download from steam and web FreeStyle2

    1. If you download from Steam. After setup and open game, FreeStyle2 with steam will log your user and password so you can play it.

    2. If you download from web FreeStyle2. You need to register FreeStyle2 ID. You can register with Facebook or E-mail. After that, download game and setup. When finished, open game and login with FreeStyle2 ID. Now you can play FreeStyle2.

    Ping Booster Support for FreeStyle 2.

    “FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball” is the MMO Sports game that was focusing on players versus players (3Vs3). The game offers a massive challenge that lets players competitive with each other. Every step and decision are counts. Moreover, a good connection is key to succession. What happens if you are going to get some great-shot but suddenly the lag made you miss that chance. What happened in the game that you are barley get a chance to fight back but then you are disconnected from the server. It’s a nightmare to all players who fought hard in their games.

    So what if you can avoid those issues! Ping Booster the best gaming VPN now supports FreeStyle 2 (Steam version). For every shot you made, For every steps you move, Every trick you play, We will make it count. With PingBooster VPN service, we can reduce your lag and ping up to 50%. Now even Asia, Europe and North America we can help you create your legend.

    PingBooster VPN now available for FreeStyle 2

    FreeStyle 2: Steam Plateform

    Ping Booster can help you. Free Trial : www.pingbooster.com

    Download & Install Manual : PingBooster Client

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