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Destiny 2 – Как пройти Reckoning Tier 1, 2

How to play The Reckoning in Destiny 2

Learn how to play The Reckoning, as well as some helpful tips that will help you survive the onslaught of enemies that await you.

Knowing how to play The Reckoning is going to be key if you want to unlock all of the special armor and gear that Joker’s Wild has to offer. If you want to master this new Destiny 2 game mode, then we’ve got the information you need to do so. Below you’ll find all the tips and strategies you need to know to stay alive and take down the boss in The Reckoning.

How to play The Reckoning

Like Gambit Prime, there are a lot of things you need to know as you dive into The Reckoning. First, before you can start playing the new game mode, you’re going to need to complete a quest for The Drifter and get a Weak Synthesizer. Once you have this item, you can start crafting Motes, which you can then use to wager in The Reckoning. You can only hold one Mote at a time, though, so try to stick to the kinds of Motes you need to complete the armor set that you’re going for.

You can create Weak Motes with the Weak Synthesizer.

If you don’t know how Motes work, then make sure you check out our guide on how to get Gambit Prime armor. That will tell you all about the different armor sets, what perks they have to offer, and the set bonus that each gear option brings to the table. If you want to acquire Gambit Prime armor, then you’re going to have to play The Reckoning and wager your Motes.

How to enter The Reckoning

Once you have acquired your Weak Synthesizer, use it and a Synth—like the Collector, Invader, Reaper or Sentry Synth—to create a Weak Mote. You can then head into The Reckoning event from The Director.

After loading into The Reckoning, you’ll either be thrown into a match that is already underway, or you’ll be able to start your own match. If you are thrown into a game that is already active, help defeat the enemies and then defeat the boss. After this, you’ll be returned to the launching area, where you can wager your own Motes to try to earn some of the Gambit Prime armor that was added with Joker’s Wild.

You’ll need to wager a Mote of some sort if you want to pick up any Gambit Prime armor in The Reckoning.

You don’t have to wager your Mote to play The Reckoning, though. In fact, you can simply load into the mode and help out your friends or whoever has their own Motes to activate. This makes for an easy way to farm for tCollector Synths or other types of Synths, which will in turn allow you to acquire even more Gambit Prime armor pieces. Once someone in your Fireteam has wagered a Mote, wait for the portal in the center to activate and then hop inside. This is where the real fun begins.

How to win in The Reckoning Tier 1

If you want to win in The Reckoning, then you’re going to need to understand how the game mode works. First, make sure you pay attention to the Modifiers active when you select this activity from The Director. For example, at the time of this writing, The Reckoning has Void Singe, Blackout and Heavyweight Modifiers active. These attributes will greatly change how you need to approach each match of The Reckoning, so keep these things in mind.

You can see the percent of your current Dominance by checking the left-hand side of the screen.

After you drop through the portal and into The Reckoning proper, you’ll have roughly six minutes to reach 100% Dominance over the enemy. There are a few things you need to know about Dominance, though.

  • Firstly, each death that you suffer will lower the percentage of Dominance. This means staying alive is key to victory in The Reckoning.
  • The percentage of Dominance you have will go down with every passing moment, so pay attention to the number.
  • There are two main types of enemies in The Reckoning. First, there are normal enemies. When killed, these grant you a small percentage of Dominance. There are also Powerful Enemies, which when defeated will grant you a much larger amount of Dominance towards your percentage. It is currently believed that the Dominance ticker will start counting up if you ignore the larger enemies, so try to keep them cleared out as much as possible.

Once you reach 100% Dominance, you’ll then spawn the boss of the match. At this point you will need to shift your focus.

How to defeat the boss in The Reckoning Tier 1

This is by far one of the most difficult portions you will encounter as you play The Reckoning. Not only do you need to worry about the boss, but the timer that you started with continues to count down. Because of this, burning the boss is going to be extremely important. However, you will also need to pay attention to the area around you, as adds will continue to spawn too.

You’ll only have six minutes to assert Dominance over the enemies and then kill the final Champion.

If you aren’t careful, you can easily end up dying to the adds, or the boss. Try to focus as much attention on the boss as you can—remember that you have roughly six minutes total—but also keep an eye on the adds so that you don’t end up wiping during a crucial burn moment.

Completing a round in The Reckoning is all about teamwork, and you’re going to need to pay attention to a lot of things at once. Come well equipped and ready to fight when you decided to partake, and make sure you return to our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more help in Joker’s Wild. Make sure you also check out Destiny Item Manager if you need help moving items to your Guardian or Vault on the fly!

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has been exploring the world of video games for as long as he can remember. He enjoys everything from large-scale RPGs to small, bite-size indie gems and everything in between.

Destiny 2: Joker’s Wild – The Reckoning Tier 3 Guide

In Destiny 2: Joker’s Wild, you’ll be playing a lot of Gambit Prime to obtain your synths and complete some bounties. However, the other half of that gameplay loop will take you to The Reckoning. This new world space is within the giant “ball” carried by the Drifter’s ship.

Note that we’ve got our main page for Season of the Drifter guides. We’ll keep updating it as more activities and content drop, apart from The Reckoning’s updates, of course.

Use the synths you earned in Gambit Prime to turn them into motes for The Reckoning.

Getting Started

This playground is immense, with a lot of mystery and foreboding. Once you pass through the stargate, you’ll come across an inverted pyramid with the Gambit “bank.” First, open up your menu and inspect your synthesizer to create new motes. These motes are placed inside specific sides of the bank as your “wager.” If you do complete the Reckoning tier successfully, you can collect an armor piece after the activity is done.

You’ll start out at tier 1 and, eventually, higher tiers will be unlocked along with higher level synthesizers. Oh, and don’t forget, you can also plant a rally flag nearby to help you before starting each encounter.

Remember, communication and coordination go a long way in having successful clears. It’s best to find a good group and stick with one for farming runs. Destiny 2’s matchmaking is atrocious for competitive modes, and the bane of many solo players. The Reckoning is no exception since the game might throw you into activities that are already in progress with randoms (also known as “blueberries”) leaving the game or not knowing what to do.

Plant that flag and pray that your teammates notice it, because, you know, 90 percent of blueberries probably won’t.

Reckoning Tier 1

The Reckoning’s first tier has a six-minute timer and mobs are 650 power level. You’ll need to reach 100 percent “dominance” to summon and kill a Taken boss. In order to reach 100 percent, you’ll need to keep killing loads of Taken mobs (think of it like Blind Well or Escalation Protocol). It seems that super kills grant more towards your progression bar as well so don’t forget to rally the flag at the beginning.

The only modifiers that we’ve seen so far seem to involve Prism (increases elemental damage which rotates from solar -> void -> arc), and Blackout (no radar, enemy melee attacks deal more damage). Prism is fine. Blackout? Nobody wants Blackout anymore since Apex Legends launched… zing!

The Reckoning’s first area is majestic, beautiful, and downright unnerving due to how alien it is.

Weapon Loadouts And Class Choices

I digress. Point is that you’ll be dealing with loads of mobs. The ideal loadouts are:

  • Breakneck (kinetic), Ikelos SG (energy), Thunderlord (power
  • Threat Level (kinetic), Riskrunner (energy), Hammerhead (power)

Breakneck remains one of the best kinetic weapons around and, even with the full-auto shotgun nerfs, the Ikelos and Threat Level shotties are still viable. Riskrunner shreds mobs easily as well, and since you’re facing Taken, you’re guaranteed to get hit by arc attacks often (which will proc the conductor effect). The Hammerhead and Thunderlord machine guns also pack a punch. You can also use Wardcliff Coil as your power weapon although ammo can be a bit scarce at times.

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For weapon mods, hopefully, you’ve got the Taken Spec mod which boosts your damage output against Taken enemies. For armor mods, the Taken Armaments one has a chance to grant heavy ammo on reserves whenever you get grenade kills.

Because you’re dealing with hundreds of mobs, you’ll need crowd-clearing supers. The ideal picks are:

  • Titans – Sunbreaker with top tree
  • Hunters – Nightstalker with top tree with Orpheus Rigs; a second Hunter can run Blade Barrage
  • Warlocks – Voidwalker top tree with Skull of Dire Ahamkara; a second Warlock could use Well of Radiance, hopefully with a Phoenix Protocol equipped

Once you’ve reached 100 percent, a Taken boss would spawn. It could be a centurion, wizard, knight, the annoying hydra, or even the meatball. Take it out to complete The Reckoning’s tier 1. If you’ve only joined for a tier 1 run, then that’s it, you’re done. Collect your tier 1 Gambit Prime armor and play some more. If you joined for a tier 2 run, well, prepare for more action.

Melt some meatballs while you’re at it. Sorry, no Malfeasance here for you.

Reckoning Tier 2

To get rewards from The Reckoning’s tier 2, you’ll need to create a tier 2 (blue) mote from two synths. You’ll still get dropped in the same tier 1 zone, but additional steps will follow once the previous tier has ended and you’ve killed the Taken boss. A doorway opens which will lead you down a narrow corridor. Beyond is a pathway which every Destiny 2 player would call “the bridge” or “Thrallway 2.0.” Why? That’s because so many Taken shadow thralls will spawn to rip apart your team. These thralls and other mobs are 670 power level. If you need help getting to this point, feel free to read our leveling guide.

The Bridge

To complete the bridge encounter, the team needs to stand on circles until each part is completed. There are six of these in total. Wave after wave of adds will continue to spawn so make sure you have everything you need to survive (this part is brutal when Blackout is an active modifier). This is when supers and orb generation will come in handy.

Warlocks are a must and they’ll need to use Well of Radiance (Phoenix Protocol helps a lot). Hunters should go Nightstalker with Orpheus Rigs. Titans? You’re a poor man’s Warlock with your Sentinel bubble (top tree).

Once you’ve activated all six circles, a portal opens. Run through and you’ll have another encounter.

Tier 2’s bridge encounter will remind you of the “Thrallway” in Destiny 1’s Crota’s End raid.

The Hermit And The Knights

This creepy zone will have more mobs spawning. The dark water off on the sides will also drain your energy so avoid wading into it. There will be two giant Hive sword knights chasing your team around. There will also be a glowing ultra known as a hermit (it’s marked on your screen).

The objective is to kill a hermit so that it drops a Well of Light — kind of like the same white glowing circle in Gambit Prime that boosts your damage. Stand in it, pop your Radiance, tethers, and everything you got to take down one knight.

Sword knights start going berserk when they reach below 25 percent health. Ideally, you’ll want to focus fire on just one knight at a time, hopefully killing it in one go. Cautiously preventing the other knight from taking massive damage prevents it from ‘zerking as well. You don’t really want two crazy knights smashing you around with their swords, right?

Regardless of whether you’ve killed at least one knight, or you now have two chasing you, another hermit will spawn somewhere in the area. Find it, kill it, stand in the glowing circle and keep shooting at the knights. Lastly, if more than two teammates die, try to stay outside the portal when you respawn. Jump in as a team so that you don’t trickle in only to have all the mobs focusing on you.

Once you’ve taken out both sword knights, you’re done with tier 2. Go ahead and collect your newfound Gambit Prime tier 2 armor piece. Tier 3 is currently unavailable and will be added on March 12. We’ll update this guide when it’s live.

The hermit/knights encounter is all about picking which knight to burst down first. Don’t attack both since you don’t want getting chased around this room by crazy sword-wielding monsters.

What’s The Point of Tier 1 And Tier 2?

There’s genuinely no point in doing either of these two lower tiers. That’s because the Gambit Prime armor pieces you want should be from tier 3. They’ll offer the +3 bonus perks per piece, and you’ll need all five armor pieces to get all the bonuses. It also bears mentioning that the drops you get from tier 2 aren’t powerful ones so they won’t boost your PL. As such, Reckoning tier 1 and tier 2 are just a waste of your synths.

Then again, if you do have a lot of synths to spare, re-running these tiers can have benefits:

  • You can obtain some Gambit Prime/Reckoning weaponry from drops. Some of these might even have curated rolls. Keep in mind that this is completely RNG.
  • You can, at least, practice for some clean and efficient runs. At the very least, you can gain an understanding of what to expect once tier 3 is made available.
  • Last but not least, you can collect the lore fragments/collectibles from tier 1 and tier 2. Check out the video below from YouTuber Ninja Pups to find out where they are:

Update: Reckoning Tier 3

Xur returns for the weekend with an exotic bounty in tow. Apart from that, The Reckoning’s Tier 3 is also available now. These are some requirements before you start it:

  • be 680 PL – check out our leveling guide here if you still need to grind; also note that mobs are 690 PL
  • a Powerful Synthesizer (from the Drifter)
  • a purple synth (using three Gambit archetype motes) if you want to wager for a Notorious/tier 3 Gambit armor

Tier 3 follows the same pattern as your previous runs. Part one will have you dealing with lots of mobs and needing to hit 100 percent Domination.

Part two will have you building a bridge. Take care because you only have a scant few seconds on the clock that’s winding down. Each section you complete adds 30 seconds to the clock, and you’d need 20 seconds to fully form each section. That simply means you’ll need to keep moving and stay alive. A Warlock’s Well of Radiance and a Hunter’s Tether + Orpheus Rigs will help a lot.

When you finish part two, you’re not facing off against the two sword knights and the hermit, instead, the Shade of Oryx from Destiny 2: The Taken King will spawn. The poor guy doesn’t even have a sword. This boss fight is ridiculously easy as long as you’ve got a decent team composition. Your Warlocks should be running Well of Radiance, and Hunters will need their tether + Orpheus Rigs. Titans could just pop a Banner Shield or cheer everyone else because they’re of little use (sorry Hammerbros).

The Shade of Oryx will teleport around the room, leaving behind the Taken’s black goo which will slowly damage you. Pop that well, keep shooting and blasting the Shade. Tether those adds to make more orbs. Eventually, the Shade of Oryx will drain your light and cause a wipe. This is just a hard DPS check which, if you’ve been nuking it consistently, is almost negligible.

Today is a good day to complete this due to the Solar + Heavyweight modifiers. Also, if you manage to get through this part without dying (not your entire team, just you), you’ll end up with an additional triumph. Good luck!

That’s a quick and easy kill from Aussiehalo who attests that he and his mates were able to get a clear within a few minutes of the activity going live. I’m a little disappointed knowing his team probably got “world’s first,” but there won’t be any wrestling belts for them since The Reckoning isn’t necessarily a raid.

That does it for The Reckoning activity. Don’t forget to check out our Destiny 2: Joker’s Wild hub for all the guides and everything you need to know about the latest DLC.

Destiny 2 The Reckoning: How to beat tiers 1, 2, and 3 of The Reckoning

By Austin Wood 30 April 2020

How to clear the Bridge of Folly, beat the Likeness of Oryx, and slay the Abyssal Champions

The Destiny 2 Reckoning activity sits quietly in the Gambit playlist, appropriately positioned between Gambit and Gambit Prime. The Reckoning is known as what you play to get Gambit Prime armor, but it’s also what you play to get Gambit weapons, so even if you don’t like Gambit Prime, there’s still a reason to play it. The Reckoning has been nerfed considerably since its release – which was a function of the nerf to Super-regenerating Exotics – so at this point it’s pretty tame for a Destiny 2 horde mode. Still, it’s got some eccentricities that can catch you off-guard, so we’ve prepared a full guide on how to clear all three tiers of the Reckoning.

The Reckoning tier one – 650 Power (Recommended 635)

Tier one is a simple horde mode: kill dudes to fill a meter before you run out of time, then melt a big boss. Once you drop down – and be sure to use a raid banner first – you’ll have about four minutes to kill enemies, so split up and start shooting. If you see that a teammate is down, be sure to revive them, because the respawn timer in this area is long, and that can add up to a lot of lost DPS. Watch out for the Taken Vandals and Hobgoblins that spawn, too – sniper-class enemies really hurt.

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Once you fill the meter to 100%, a big Taken boss will spawn in the middle of the arena. Break out your Supers, your heavy weapon, your grenades – put everything you have into it until it dies. If you’re of-level, it shouldn’t take too long to melt. Burst damage Supers like Blade Barrage, Nova Bomb, Chaos Reach, and Thundercrash work well here, but Shadowshow and Well of Radiance are always welcome.

The Reckoning tier two – 670 Power (Recommended 660)

Tier two starts off the same as tier one, just with higher level enemies. Once you clear the introductory horde mode, a hallway in the back of the arena will open up. This leads to the Bridge of Folly, the next stage of The Reckoning. To clear the bridge, you’ll need to hold zones for around 30 seconds each as you fight back waves of enemies, including distant snipers and yellow-bar ultras, while moving up the bridge. This fight can get out of control quickly if you don’t have the right Supers in your fireteam, so let’s go over some recommended Supers and Exotics:

  • Warlocks: Well of Radiance with Phoenix Protocol or Nova Bomb with the Skull of Dire Ahamkara
  • Hunters: Shadowshow with Orpheus Rig, Blade Barrage with Shards of Galanor, or Golden Gun with Celestial Nighthawk
  • Titans: Thundercrash or top-tree Sunbreaker (for Hammer Strike)

You are going to want a Warlock with Well of Radiance and a Hunter with Shadowshot for this section. Well of Radiance will protect you from the snipers and help you take down the ultras, and Shadowshow will control the countless Shadow Thrall. Prioritize those Supers over all others.

Each time you move to a new zone, have your team place a new Well of Radiance and Shadowshot to keep the enemies in check. Everyone else should use their Supers on the ultras. There should be Orbs of Light absolutely everywhere, so you’ll have incredibly high Super uptime. Use that to your advantage and try to conserve heavy ammo for the boss fight.

Once you reach the end of the Bridge of Folly, one of two bosses will become accessible. These bosses rotate every week, so we’ll go over how to beat both, starting with the Abyssal Champions in the catacombs.

The Reckoning Abyssal Champions boss fight

If the Abyssal Champions are the current boss, a Taken portal will open at the end of the bridge. Jump through and you’ll find yourself in a giant underground crypt with a large cross-shaped floor. There are two axe-wielding Abyssal Champions down here with you, and your goal is to kill them in around four minutes. To do so, you’ll first need to kill special glowing Taken called Hermits which will randomly spawn at one end of the cross.

The first Hermit will appear shortly after you enter the catacombs; look for a green icon. Move to the Hermit, kill it, and a Well of Light will appear where it dies. You need to stand in this Well in order to damage the Abyssal Champions, so group up before killing the Hermit and keep an eye out for the Champions. The Well will only last for around 30 seconds, and once it disappears, another Hermit will spawn. You’ll need to repeat the process of hunting Hermits and spawning Wells until you’re able to kill both Champions.

The Champions are melee enemies and they can teleport, so they’ll constantly be rushing you, especially after you get their health low and they go berserk. Jump over their axe attacks as best you can, but remember that it’s often smarter to lay into them with your Super and heavy weapon and just eat the death. There’s no shame in corpse running. Your goal is to kill the Champions, not survive, so prioritize DPS whenever possible.

The same Supers that you used on the bridge will serve you well in this fight. Try to burn down one Champion first; killing one makes killing the other much easier. If your team does get wiped out, wait for your teammates to respawn before heading back into the catacombs, otherwise you risk wasting the next Hermit cycle while only a few members are alive.

The Reckoning Likeness of Oryx boss fight

If the Likeness of Oryx is in season, a jump pad will appear the end of the Bridge of Folly instead. This will shoot you over to the inverted pyramid in the distance, where you’ll find the Likeness and continually spawning Taken. As you may have guessed, your goal is to kill the Likeness before time runs out.

The Likeness itself doesn’t deal much damage, but it does have a wipe mechanic that you need to look out for. When it teleports to one of the shrines on the platform, it will start a 30-second countdown. You’ll be able to track the countdown from the “Counterfeit Gaze” timer in the bottom left-hand corner. If this countdown reaches zero, everyone on your team will take a huge chunk of damage which can, and often will, one-shot you.

To stop the countdown, you need to deal enough damage to the Likeness. Yes, this is a DPS check. The kicker is that a Taken Ogre will spawn whenever the Counterfeit Gaze starts counting down, and if you don’t kill the Ogre, you won’t deal much damage to the Likeness. Just watch for the Gaze, kill the Ogre, and lay into the Likeness. Save your burst Supers for the Ogre and keep some heavy ammo in reserve to damage the Likeness and stop the Gaze.

The Reckoning tier three – 690 Power (Recommended 680)

Tier three of The Reckoning is nearly identical to tier two, just with higher level enemies and more difficult boss fights. You’ll still need to clear the opening horde, move across the Bridge of Folly – with less time to clear each zone – and take down the same bosses.

Mechanically, the Abyssal Champions fight doesn’t change between tiers two and three – the Champions themselves are just dramatically tankier. The Likeness of Oryx is also much tankier, and it will summon an extra Ogre with every Counterfeit Gaze cycle. Both fights take longer but play out very similarly. The same strategies will get you through tier three, you’ll just need to execute them a little more carefully, and you’ll need to be a higher Power level.

As a staff writer and former freelancer, Austin focuses on day-to-day news happenings which serve as the perfect cover-up for his Destiny 2 column. He majored in journalism, loves to hate headlines, and never takes his Switch out of the dock.

Destiny 2 The Reckoning Guide: Tips, Strategies, & Loadouts

Destiny’s new pinnacle PVE activity is a difficult challenge.

Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter promises quite a lot of new content. And, just like anytime there’s a new Destiny expansion, it’s very exciting to pick apart all the possibilities waiting for us don the line. But Season of the Drifter is disappointing in one respect: it does not have a traditional Raid activity. However, in addition to some “Raid-like” twists on Gambit Prime, it does have a new PVE event to take part in — The Reckoning.

The new cooperative action takes place in deep unknown space, in a place Bungie refers to as The Planes of the Nine. It is deeply connected to the new Gambit Prime mode, as well. So much so that it only becomes available to you after your first match of Gambit Prime. Both of the new modes were detailed in Bungie’s ViDoc about the Season of the Drifter. You can take a look at it below, or head on over to our breakdown of the new Destiny 2 expansion!

Destiny 2 – The Reckoning and Gambit Prime

Gambit Prime and The Reckoning are part of what Bungie called a “gameplay loop.” The idea is that you play Gambit Prime for fun and profit, then follow it up with The Reckoning, and then take the rewards you earn from The Reckoning back into Gambit Prime to excel more than ever before. Got it?

The Reckoning even gives you special gear with perks that only work in Gambit Prime. Armor sets for one of four “roles — Reaper, Invader, Collector, and Sentry — don’t just help you in Gambit Prime, either. They modify the playstyle you bring to the table altogether.

You can take Synths earned in Gambit Prime into The Reckoning to craft Gambit Prime armor. Each piece of this armor gives +1 to the set bonus for the armor, meaning you can only unlock one of the four perks for each set. With Tier 2 armor, at +2 each, more perks will are available. And finally, with Tier 3 armor, all four set perks can be unlocked.

In each Reckoning tier, there will be random modifiers each day (the same ones that can be applied to a Nightfall Strike card), so pull out your Ghost and check them to see what’s different.

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The Reckoning – Tier 1

Once you’ve gained access to The Reckoning, it’s time to start crafting Gambit Prime armor to excel in the PvEvP arena.

Take the Synthesizer given to you by the Drifter and insert the corresponding Synth for whatever armor set you’d like to craft. Then, head to the mote bank at the spawn area of The Reckoning and insert it. That’s your wager, and now it’s time to make good on your bet.

Before you continue on, though, check the area to the right of the mote bank—there’s a platform there where you can place Rally Banners to give yourself full ammo and a fully charged Super. Take advantage of this!

Soon enough, the countdown will begin, meaning that Reckoning has also begun. The six-minute timer is all the time you have to finish the activity, so drop down into the pit and begin the fight. Be prepared—the recommended Power for this fight is 650.

Taken will be spawning in everywhere, and it’s your job to “prove yourself to the Nine by rapidly defeating enemies” and charge up a meter called “Dominance.” This basically means you have to continuously kill enemies to keep the meter charging. If you don’t kill anything for a short while, it will begin to count back down.

Auto rifles, light machine guns, and any weapon that can easily chain multikills will be great here. Spread out away from your team so you can all kill your own enemies and independently keep the charge going, and pop your Supers if you have to stay alive or need to kill one of the Ultra enemies that spawn in periodically—killing one of those will earn you about five percent charge alone.

Just slay out as many enemies as you can to keep the meter going, and eventually it will hit 100 percent. Once fully charged, a Taken Champion will spawn, and it’s boss fight time. There’s no real DPS mechanics here—just unload on whatever spawns in and kill it before the clock runs out.

Once it’s dead, you will be transported back to the mote bank above, and you can collect your crafted armor.

The Reckoning – Tier 2

Tier 2 ups the ante in a big way. The recommended Power has now jumped to 670, so you will probably want to be at least 665 before attempting this challenging new wave.

The beginning of Tier 2 is the same as the first, tasking you with charging up the “Dominance” meter once more. Clear the adds like usual, but be ready for something very new once it hits 100 percent.

Once finished, your new task will pop up: Construct the Bridge of Folly. Head down the corridor marked by an objective marker and be ready for a long battle. You will need to capture a number of objective points by standing on them to construct the bridge, all while a huge number of Taken will be spawning in all directions.

As you capture the point, make sure to have most of your team stand inside of it, because you’re very limited on time. Have Warlocks place down Rifts and Titans place down Barricades to protect you from the onslaught.

On either side of the bridge, snipers will spawn and deal pretty hefty damage, so make sure at least one of your team is dedicated to taking them out as quickly as possible. Major enemies will spawn in front of and behind you, on top of a large number of Thrall. Do your best to clear them out.

Once you finish capturing one objective, another will spawn further down the bridge, so keep moving and keep trying to stay inside of the objective circle. If you stray too far away from it, you could easily lose track and run out of time, so keep an eye on the timer on the left side of the screen.

Once every objective is captured, a portal will appear at the end of the bridge, and your new task is to “Find and defeat the Hermit to recover its stolen Light.” In this new area, the Hermit will be marked, so find it and eliminate it as fast as possible—you’re once again on the clock here. The Hermit will die and spawn a pool of light.

Stand in that pool of light and use the damage buff to DPS the two massive axe knights who are lumbering towards you. These two are the objective, and killing them will finish out Tier 2, but you may need to do multiple DPS phases. If they survive, wait a few seconds and a new Hermit will spawn. Rinse and repeat the process until they are dead.

The Reckoning – Tier 3

The third and final (so far) tier of The Reckoning requires 680 Power to launch, but the enemies themselves are 690 Power, so make sure to gear up before even thinking about heading into the activity. You will also need to visit the Drifter for a quest to upgrade your Synthesizer one more time to be able to craft the highest level of Gambit Prime armor.

Tier 3 Reckoning functions exactly the same as the first two tiers in the beginning. You must slay enemies to charge up “Dominance” and then build the Bridge of Folly once more. But once you finish the bridge and reach the end, a new challenge appears.

Get ready for a boss fight against a familiar-looking foe—Likeness of Oryx looks just like The Taken King, but he doesn’t pack as big of a punch. The fight is challenging, though, considering the Power recommendation.

The fight itself is pretty straightforward. Likeness of Oryx will blast energy balls at you while teleporting around the arena and spawning more Taken. Clear out the adds and DPS the boss as much as you can. Eventually, the boss will spawn a debuff called Counterfeit Gaze that has a countdown. If the countdown reaches zero, the boss will wipe you. The only way to stop the wipe is to damage the boss enough to stagger it and continue the fight.

Pop your Super abilities when you can, clear out adds to prevent any unwanted frustrations, and continuously DPS the boss whenever Counterfeit Gaze pops up. There’s no other real mechanics to the fight, so do your best to stay alive and deal damage when necessary.

The main challenge in this fight is trying to stay alive and battling against the clock, as you are on a timer again. If you struggle to kill the boss, you might need to level up a bit more or change up your loadouts before heading back into Tier 3.

That’s all there is to The Reckoning right now, but check back here to see if anything changes in the near future!

Destiny 2 — как получить экзотическую снайперскую винтовку «Бремя Идзанаги» (Izanagi’s Burden)

Гайд по квесту на снайперскую винтовку «Бремя Идзанаги» (Izanagi’s Burden) в Destiny 2

В Destiny 2: Forsaken в дополнении «Черный арсенал» есть квест на крутую экзотическую снайперскую винтовку «Бремя Идзанаги» . Ниже поэтапно расскажем, как выполнить квест и получить оружие.

Этап 1: Для начала вам необходимо отправиться на Землю в Европейскую Мертвую зону к кузнице Велунда. Непосредственно перед входом в кузницу слева есть пещера, зайдите в нее, откройте сундук «Черного арсенала» и возьмите «Загадочную коробку».

Коробка заперта на четыре замка с символами руки, бабочки, рыболовного крючка и эмблемы «Черного арсенала». Чтобы получить ключи, необходимо пройти четыре кузницы. В каждой кузнице, после окончания первого этапа, в локации появятся два дрона. Их необходимо уничтожить в течение 10 секунд, иначе они исчезнут. После этого просто проходите кузницу до финала и в конце открываете появившийся на поле сундук «Черного арсенала», из которого выпадет ключ для «Загадочной коробки».

Ниже приводим скриншоты с расположением дронов.

Кузница Велуда — ключ с рыболовным крючком

Кузница Гофаннона — ключ с рукой

Кузница Идзанами — ключ с бабочкой

Этап 2: Побеседуйте с Адой-1 и возьмите у нее заготовку для ключа «Черного арсенала».
Далее вам требуется добыть 24 «Линзы Смотрителя». Чтобы их получить отправляйтесь в рейд «Левиафан» на планете Несс. Пройдя по мосту, спуститесь вниз в отделение с рычагами и активируйте слева направо в последовательности 1-5-3-2-4-6. Если вы все сделали быстро и правильно, появится надпись «Дверь открыта». Идите вверх в локацию «Двигатель» (машинное отделение) в открывшийся проход и уничтожайте турели (Смотрителей), собирая линзы.

В ролике ниже наглядно показано расположение помещения с рычагами и открывшийся проход в машинное отделение.

Этап 3: Соберите 200 штук материала «Блестящий аметист». Данный ресурс выпадает из сундуков при прохождении налетов и открытых мероприятий.

Этап 4: Отправляйтесь в кузницу Бергузии, чтобы выковать ключ «Черного арсенала». На данном этапе также необходимо уничтожить двух дронов и открыть сундук в конце. Скриншоты с расположением дронов представлены ниже.

Этап 5: Теперь вам необходимо получить предмет «Обсидиановый кристал», который дают за выполнение редкого контракта «Черного арсенала». Чтобы получить редкий контракт просто выполняйте ежедневные контракты «Черного арсенала», он выпадет случайным образом при сдаче одного из них.

Этап 6: Пройдите миссию «Расколотый трон». Это испытание доступно в Городе Грез раз в три недели. В ролике ниже рассказывается о тактике прохождения миссии.

Этап 7: Пройдите миссию «Замок и ключ», которая представляет собой специальную версию налета «Пирамидион».

Этап 8: Пройдите финальную специальную сюжетную миссию и убейте Сивикса Безродного. После этого отправляйтесь к Аде-1 и получите снайперскую винтовку «Бремя Идзанаги».

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